About Wyoming Pilots for Christ

The Wyoming Chapter began on Sunday, June 5, 2005. Our mission is to help relocate patients and family members in need of
emergency transportation.

Airline cost and timetables in Wyoming can prevent patients and close family from the care and support that is so important. We strive to share our resources, as an aid, no matter what the circumstance, by serving all those that require convenient air transportation.

“We will use only honest and ethical means in serving those in need. We provide our services free of charge to any needy person, regardless of their race, religion, or ethnic identity.”

As members of Pilots for Christ International (PCI), we acknowledge Jesus Christ to be both true God and true man. We accept Him as our personal Savior, and Savior of the world. In gratitude to Almighty God for the gift of flight, we endeavor to use our interest in aviation to promote His Gospel throughout the international aviation community, in particular, and the world in general, through service.

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