Steve B                        Gary

Steve Barbour (Gillette)            Gary Garland (Buffalo)                        Billy Craft (Sheridan)


Mike Gray (Cheyenne)              Brooks Johnson (Rock Springs)         Brett Lowell (Greeley)

John Mitchell                  Bob

John Mitchell (Cheyenne)             Bob Shock (Gillette)                          Doug Morton (Cody)                   Phil Stahla (Gillette)


Georgia                       Trish

Georgia Barbour (Gillette)            Trish Garland (Buffalo)                      Marvin Herman (Gillette)

Sandy                     Wanda

Sandra Herman (Gillette)           Wanda Lieneman (Gillette)                 Julie Shock (Gillette)


Lance Teal (Douglas)               JoAnn Teal (Douglas)

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